Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Are you interested in owning this website

I don't living in Massachusetts anymore.
I'm looking for someone who lives in one of of the five towns, and is active in the community to take over.

If you are interested send an email to domains@thewachusettregion.com your email will be received by a friend of mine who also lives in one of the five towns.

If you want to get a reply show us you read this message by tell us who you are and why you think you would be a good fit.

Tell us which domain you found us on, and and take the time to ask relevant questions using complete and full sentences.

I originally created this website in 2005 for the people of Rutland and their families and friends. At the time the site included town phone numbers, later I added local Real Estate listings. Since I was creating one, it was just as easy to create five. When I moved I took the site down. Its back now just to find a buyer before the domain names are released to the world.

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